About this Site

My name is Steven Merrill. I’m a classical singer and technologist based in New York, NY.

This site is my personal blog. My initial post lays out this site’s scope and also the etymology of the name, in case you’re interested.

Around the Web

You can find my work a number of other places on the web:

  • I write technical articles on Phase2’s blog. I re-post selected articles back on this blog.
  • Brian McMurray and I wrote web development articles (often about Drupal, Flash, and the mobile web) at cascadingStyle.
  • I put up a personal portfolio in mid-2008, but it hasn’t been updated recently.
  • My singing portfolio was a great proof-of-concept of a Drupal-driven Flash site with full Google-indexable content underneath, but has similarly been somewhat neglected.
  • I microblog on Twitter as stevenmerrill.
  • Many of my open source contributions can be found on my ‘smerrill’ GitHub account.

Thanks for stopping by!